Ruhi 7 " Walking together a Path of service"

Dearest  Friends: 
We are starting a book 7 " Walking together a Path of service" , Monday 7:00 pm, August 28th, 2017 at the Beaverton Bahai Center
Tutor: Tashina Graves

Starts August 28, 7 to 9 for the first session. Alternate Mondays.
We will start with  exploring in this book such concepts as " The spiritual Path" to help raise awareness of the spiritual dynamics of advancing along a path of service to the Cause and increase understanding of forces at work. We will then continue with other topics including  " How to become a Tutor of book 1-6" by examining some of the concepts, attitudes, skills and abilities that contribute to the capability of how to help a group of friends go through the first 6 courses of the Institute, and finally in the last unit we will explore the topic of " Promoting the Arts at the Grassroots" which is designed to create appreciation for the role of artistic endeavor in the activity of study circle.
north tri-room
Parisa Larson
Open to everyone