Ruhi Intensive Study


We  will be offering Ruhi 1-7 intensive study groups.  That means that you can cover up to 3 of the Ruhi programs from 1 to 7 in about a 3 week period this summer.

If you have done some of the Ruhi programs and want to experience some of the rest and have a period of days free, this is your chance.





Planning Phase

Youth gathering

June 30

Prepare the youth to participate in the Institute Campaign that starts the next day on July 1st


One-day book 5 refresher

July 2

For the current animators who have done book 5 a while ago and for those potential animators who have done book 5/animated in the past.


1st Institute Campaign

July 1-14

Books 1-3, book 4, book 5, books 6 & 7 for before expansion phase


Reflection Gathering

Cluster Reflection Meeting

July 7

Starts with potluck dinner at 6pm followed by the program 7-9:30pm

Expansion Phase July 15-30

Formation of children’s classes and junior youth groups

July 15-22

Teachers and animators who participated in the 1st institute campaign and anyone who is ready to start activities.


Consolidation Phase

2nd Institute Campaign

July 31-Aug. 9

Books 1 & 3 and 1 & 5 for youth met during expansion phase

Junior Youth Camp

Aug. 4-7

An overnight camp for the junior youth and younger youth to form bonds of friendship through study, service and recreational activities

Outreach for children and junior youth

Aug.  10-13

Invite as many of children and junior youth to children’s classes and JYG’s and have conversation with their families

Formation of children’s classes and junior youth groups

Aug. 14-17

Form children’s classes and junior youth groups



Open to everyone