Prayer, Meditation, and Fasting


The Baha'is believe that prayer, meditation, and fasting help to clear the soul for communication with the Divine.  Baha'is are encouraged to pray, read and meditate on the scriptures, and turn toward God throughout the course of our lives.
We have a fasting period (sunrise to sunset) from March 2 to March 20 just before the beginning of our year on March 21.
Prayer, meditation, and fasting help us to free ourselves from our preconceptions and prepare us to live lives of service to humanity.
From the Baha'i Scriptures: "Praise be to God, thy heart is engaged in the commemoration of God, thy soul is gladdened by the glad tidings of God and thou art absorbed in prayer. The state of prayer is the best of conditions, for man is then associating with God. Prayer verily bestoweth life, particularly when offered in private and at times, such as midnight, when freed from daily cares."
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