Neighborhood Activities


The Baha'i Community initiates and organizes many neighborhood activities all over the world. The goals of these activities are to:

Spiritualize and unify neighborhood communities
Provide spiritually and morally uplifting activities for junior youth (aged about 12-14) and older youth in contrast to the negative activities promoted by our media
Provide local childrens' classes to promote a spiritual and positive outlook
Provide local gathering points for interfaith prayers and discussions
Provide classes on how to empower ourselves to improve the life of our neighborhoods

The Baha'i Faith has no clergy so these activities are carried out by individuals who sometimes are members of the Baha'i Community and often are not. There are many of these activities in Beaverton and in the Washington County area. If you would like to be involved in these activities or would like to introduce children and youth to some spiritual and positive alternatives then you can contact the Beaverton Baha'i Community by clicking "" here and under Category choosing "Request information about neighborhood activities".

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Our Universal House of Justice recently commented on these world wide activities:

“In society at large, alas, the symptoms of an ever-deepening malaise of the
soul multiply and worsen. How striking that, as the peoples of the
world suffer for want of the true remedy and turn fitfully from one
false hope to another, you are collectedly refining an instrument that
connects hearts with the Word of God eternal. How striking that, amid
the cacophony of fixed opinions and opposing interests that grows
everywhere more fierce, you are focused on drawing people together to
build communities that are havens of unity. Far from disheartening you,
let the world's prejudices and hostilities be reminders of how urgently
souls all around you need the healing balm that you alone can present to