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"EDUCATON UNDER FIRE" is a campaign to educate the public and call attention to the injustice of the Iranian government's persecution of the Iranian Baha'is' attempts to create higher education for their youth who are barred from public academic institutions simply due to the persecution of the Baha'is in every aspect of their daily lives. All over Iran, Baha'i (and some sympathetic Moslem) faculty taught classes to Baha'i students who were only taught such academic topics as book keeping, accounting, math, computer skills, and the like. This Baha'i Institute of Higher Education (BIHE) sponsored classes in kitchens, basements and other informal private gathering places but have been raided and closed down by the government, students and faculty imprisoned unjustly---simply for the "crime" of seeking an education, a basic human right of all world citizens.
I am a faculty member in both Lane Community College and the University of Oregon so I began setting up Baha'i Information Tables in cafeterias where large groups of students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus congregate. As soon as I began volunteering all this time and effort, and "Baha'i" posters and large tables giving away literature became very visible, regularly in the public's eye, the Jehovah's Witness table closed up all their activities and left our campus! I set up a very large and stunning Progressive Revelation banner that is very eye catching and it draws a great many interested people who 99% of the time are enthusiastic of their support and agreement with the Baha'i views on progressive revelation. In addition, I repeatedly hang up 14 large posters of the EDUCATION UNDER FIRE CAMPAIGN which in bold letters state "LIVE LOVE EDUCATION"---and these draw interested people as well. Numerous students whom I already know (from taking my classes) stop and ask about the Faith and the EUF campaign and a huge amount of support is created---and all these people are invited to activities at the Eugene Baha'i Center, including Study Circles even for those who are not enrolled believers. I include a huge collection of Baha'i literature in addition to English, including French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Sindh, Assamese, Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, Hmong and others---and for people who don't actually read these languages, remark at how "widely diverse Baha'is are around the globe". When passing by, visitors to my table see languages that also they speak and of course, they can't help but stop and ask about the international character of the Baha'i Faith based upon the language collection of literature alone. Currently every Tuesday and Thursday all day long I and my service animal collie dog Nizhooni are busy speaking with almost non-stop groups and individuals answering questions, giving out pamphlets and books, and inviting visitors to the Baha'i Center community acitivites such as devotions, study circles, children and youth classes as well as adult enrichment local Baha'i discussion groups at the Baha'i Center. Activity has increased at an amazing rate--and Persian and Arabic Baha'i literature has become a big hit--we often get calls for these. One lady came up to tell me "my neighbor in Ashland became a Baha'i, I think I should look into this Faith myself." A married couple asked specifically for Baha'i pamphlets to introduce the Baha'i Faith to Christians familiar with the Bible, because they are devoted to the Catholic Church, but the husband's sister in White Salmon has recently become an enthusiastic Baha'i so his Baha'i sister told him he should "look up the Baha'is at Lane Community College" and he and his wife both did just that. Four Iranian Shi'ite students asked for Persian Baha'i pamphlets since they are becoming more open minded at this time--and some of these Persian Moslems are now attending Baha'i meetings and studying the Faith and its literature. "Accompanying" these seekers to Baha'i gatherings is a key concept from Messages of the Universal of Justice, Messages believers study separately at the Baha'i Center on a weekly basis, separate from the campus activities. A lady from Germany was amazed to learn Frankfurt 's Temple is an international attraction and insisted on taking 'one of each pamphlet" available in German----we didn't disappoint her either. Three young men (students) arrived to the tables (14 feet long) together requested literature from their home countries: France, Mexico and Korean, and we shocked them all since we carry Baha'i literature in all those languages. Faculty who teach international languages have stopped by to review the Baha'i books in the languages that they teach at Lane Com College.Being a Native American, many people want my take on the Mayan 2012 so-called prophecy but I steer them into fruitful discussions about the Baha'i Revelation and we dedicate all these many hours teaching to the professors and students encarcerated currently in Iran "for the crime" of trying to get an education.