Guidelines for Reviews


Did you see a great movie or read a really good book?  You can post a review of it here.  Review books, movies, music, classes, programs, museums, etc.
Why did you like it?  Lets keep this positive!
Instructions step by step:
1. Login in - use the link in the left hand column.  If you have not registered, click on the link to register and create your login ID - send me an email so I can verify your registration at
2. Near the bottom of the left hand column click on Create Content and click on Reviews
3. Fill in the title.
4. Fill in the body - this is what you have to say as described above.
5. If you have images or photos, click the arrow thing by Attached Images, click the little button to the right of upload image and browse to your photo(s).  Select a photo or image file on your computer and click on Open.  Then click on the Attach button
6. At the bottom, click on save.