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Many of the religions seem to disagree and promote fighting or arguing with other religions. Yet the Baha'is teach that all the religions are from God and all are in essential agreement. How can this be? If we look at the most basic spiritual teachings of any religion we will see concepts such as the Golden Rule of Jesus (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). All religions also teach that our primary purpose is to know and to love God. Do you have thoughts on this? You can create an account for this site and post them here.



This is a scholarly paper on the assertion by the Baha'i Faith that all the great religions of the world are one - are in agreement and are from the same Divine Source (God).
Religion and Exclusivism: A Baha'i Perspective
by Julio Savi
Published in Lights of Irfan Volume 7 pages 221-238
Wilmette, IL: Irfan Colloquia, 2006
The PDF of the full paper is here:
Here is one excerpt:  The most important are: their capacity for creating spirituality in their sincere followers; their capacity for creating civilization; their capacity for becoming established in the world notwithstanding the initial opposition that most of them must face; their capacity, once established, for surviving and enduring far into the future; and the universality of their basic principles.
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Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed; same same!  (I read this somewhere, but echoes my beliefs exactly  :D