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Giving a Period of Service

  Agathering for people to learn about giving a period of service.

Youth Gathering

Youth Gathering at the Beaverton Bahá'í Center
Saturday April 29: 10am-8pm

Regional Youth Gathering

Reserve the Center for all day on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 for the youth gathering.

Plan Youth Gathering

The youth gathering facilitators would like to meet at the center on Monday the 24th at 7pm. There will be around ten of us.


Expansion Phase

Also, the expansion phase will be from April 8th through 30th, all day during the weekends and 4-9pm during the week days

Core Activities Teams from around the region

Also some teams from around our region will meet this Saturday 6/4 from 9am until 6pm, and we would like to reserve the tri-room for this as well.

Ayyam-i-Ha Celebration

Cluster wide, kid-centered, Ayyam'i'ha on Feb 26 from 2:30 to 6.  Event start and end time is 3-5. More details soon. Toy exchange.

From the US national Baha'i web site

Reflection for NW Junior Youth Coordinators

We will need 2 of the 3 parts of the tri-room on August 24th and 25th for a reflection space for junior youth coordinators from all over Oregon and Washington. The times are 9am-9pm.

Training for Youth Service Program

Hi Tom, we are thinking of a training for the youth service program youth on the 14th of September. Can we use the center that day with a relatively small group 8-10.

Home Visit Campaign

My name is Sheida. We meed to reserve a room of the Baha'i center for mornings from 9-12 for youth in period of service to study, reflect and planning before going to neighborhoods for home visits. The morning reservation would be for Sunday through Friday, for just one of the rooms to be a space for study and reflection and planning of the Youths in period of service


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