Devotional Host Gathering

"The spiritual growth generated by individual devotions is reinforced by loving association among the friends in every locality, by worship as a community and by service to the Faith and to one's fellow human beings." (28 December 1999, from the Universal House of Justice to the Bahá'ís of the World)

Dear Friends,
Whether you have already been invited and might need a little reminder, or whether you are hearing about this for the first time, the Area Teaching Committee is very happy to invite all of you to a Devotional Host Gathering which will be held at the Beaverton Baha'i Center on Saturday, Febuary 11, 2017.  We will start  at 3:00 pm, and  will share insights and learnings about devotional gatherings and consult on ways we can support each other and encourage others.  By the way, if you have a friend who you think you can help encourage to start hosting a devotional, please bring them along!

Please arrive by 2:45pm so we can start promptly at 3:00 pm.


for the Area Teaching Committee
Open to everyone